Tuesday, April 9, 2013




“Alana is an articulate, knowledgeable yoga instructor, whose teaching presence is genuine and engaging. She is committed to a healthy, yogic lifestyle and has a compassionate and supportive classroom presence. She is also a very gifted meditation teacher. Alana’s love of yoga guides her students to discover the benefits of yoga in their own life. Whether they are complete beginners or more experienced practitioners, Alana makes everyone feel at ease in her class.” -L. Kai, Yoga Therapist

“Alana has a presence that embodies warmth, compassion and empathy. She is also very insightful and intuitive. The warm energy felt and experienced during my Reiki session was deeply healing and revitalizing.” -Ana, NY

“Learning Reiki was an amazing feeling of empowerment and Love. Alana gave me a gift I will cherishforever.”-Tracey D., Massapequa, NY

“Thank you for your powerful offering! I am full of light, harnessed light!” -Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez, laviahnhealing.com

“Alana, Thank you so much for sharing your time, wisdom, and anecdotes with the girls of High School for Health Professions and Human Services. The girls are still talking about it and sharing different insights. A few of them have started journaling. Your words did not fall on deaf ears. Thanks for inspiring the next generation.” Mercedes Brazier-Thurman, Senior Career Advisor, HPHS Comprehensive Development, Inc.

“I had the immense pleasure of working with Alana, as both a colleague and student. My first experience with Alana’s work was when she introduced me to the world of Reiki. I was experiencing a tough year, with an immense workload and felt like I needed balancing in my life. After a conversation and Reiki session with Alana, I must admit, I felt instantly better and really understood some of the explanations as to why I felt the way I did. The comfort of her instruction, studio and professionalism creates a space for vulnerability and authenticity of self. I highly recommend her practice to anyone who is in search of finding balance in their life. Her attention to great detail and acute spiritual sense will give you great insight into your life and allow the necessary steps to create wellness and peace for a better you! –Klay S. Williams, Author & Lifestyle Consultant

“I learned so much about healing and wholeness during Reiki 1.”– Melissa D., Garden City, NY 

“Thanks so much Alana! The Radical Reboot was a Truly delicious offering. Well balanced and intentional and fun and most of all- it made a real difference! I look forward to more journeys with you in the future. So much love for you and am so present to the amazing gift that you are to our planet!!!” -SuperCraig J., Denver, Colorado

“I am grateful to Alana Foy for the illuminating experiences which have affected my life in such a profound and positive way! My experience has been very enlightening. The workshops and mentoring sessions made me realize my dreams. I’ve learnt how to live my life with a positive attitude and to find my purpose in this universe. What a transformative, rich experience this has been for me. I feel so renewed.” -Indi Balkissoon, Payroll Administrator Starpoint Solutions Inc

“While working with Alana during our parenting workshops, I found her to be warm and inclusive to our school’s multi-culturally diverse population. Her, creativity, warmth and enthusiasm helped create an environment where learning was optimal and parent participation increased.” -Beth Levy, L.M.S.W, NYC DOE

“Alana exudes such goodness that envelopes, inspires, and encourages me to take the necessary steps to live my best life. Her weekly assignments are helping me to focus and concentrate on what I am truly passionate about, connect with my inner being, and to document my thoughts, feelings, and emotions along the way.”
-Joselyn, Founder of thediyspot.com

“Alana is compassionate and incredibly gifted. I felt very relaxed after my reiki session, my body felt lighter and I slept amazingly well after my session.”
-Lisa, NY

“Learning Reiki was a life changing experience for me.” -Susan, Franklin Square, NY

“As I was going into my Reiki session I was a bit hesitant as I didn’t know what to expect and my “type A” personality likes to know every single detail about every single situation. The one thing that Alana said that settled my brain was “if nothing else, you will be very relaxed afterwards, enjoy this hour.” Those few words allowed me to let go of all my “type A” ways to just relax and go with the flow. If someone would have told me the experience I would have, I would have never believed them, it was truly powerful and enlightening. Words can’t begin to describe the emotion and release I felt during my session and afterwards. I was so excited (and relaxed) by the end of session, I ran home and told all my best friend (who subsequently visited her and had an amazing experience). The session was truly an eye opening experience and has changed my life.” -Mrs. Prince, NY

“Alana initiated a women’s group of which I was privileged to be a member. This experience remains with me to this day. Among many of the lessons Alana shared with us were how to empower ourselves and come to know and cherish the gifts we have within ourselves.”
-Carol, NY

“Alana has opened me up to a new and different way of looking at the world around me. She has helped me to slow down and take pleasure in each moment. Her warmth and serenity has touched and inspired me to be a better person.” -Sophia, NY

“Immediately following my session and days after, I felt a deep sense of calm and clarity. This experience was amazing! It opened me up to a more positive outlook on life. Thank you!”
-Abby, Brooklyn